Essential Brands: IGORA ROYAL Opulescence

Rich and opulent colours are on today’s runways and now Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons can embrace the trend.


What is it?

IGORA ROYAL Opulescence permanent coloration is available in six opulent, yet muted shades inspired by the pigments used by Renaissance artists – enabling hairdressers to create multi-tonal on-trend looks.


What can you do with it?

Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons can now offer two dedicated IGORA ROYAL Opulescence services to their clients:

  1. Natural Illumination Service
    A sophisticated combination of IGORA ROYAL Opulescence shades can be applied in a cross-diagonal way to create a ‘lit from within’ illuminated effect, giving the hair depth and rich elegance. The 3D effects can be achieved with the innovative Schwarzkopf Professional ColorMelter Palette and Sponge
  2. Soft Illumination Service
    A refined combination of complimentary IGORA ROYAL Opulescence colors can be applied with a chevron-inspired technique to create soft depth and texture with a sensual feel. This form of 3D effect is brought to life with the Schwarzkopf Professional ColorMelter Palette and Schwarzkopf Professional Painting Brush

What is the big deal?

The rich, muted shades combine inspiration from Renaissance art and royal fashion to create the next must-have look after pearlescent and nude colors. 


“It’s unlike anything in the existing portfolio, these brand-new shades offer the most incredibly rich and sophisticated tones that are going to be an absolute hit with my clients” 


– Lesley Jennison, Global Color Ambassador

Give me the facts!

  • Available in six opulent, yet muted shades
  • Two salon-services with an easy adaption of key trend looks 
  • Suitable for a wide range of clients 
  • Low maintenance up-keep required 
  • Perfect to add a touch of opulence to everyday colorations

To see just what IGORA ROYAL Opulescence can do, discover the OPULENT trend from Essential Looks… 


Where can I learn about it?

Learn how to master the techniques you’ll need to replicate the latest looks and get creative in one of Schwarzkopf Professional’s motivating color seminars. Download your local seminar brochure to explore the educational programme near you…


ASK eAcademy

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