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Essential Brands: Bond Enforcing Color Remover

Responding to the demand for color removal and correction services, Schwarzkopf Professional has developed its 1st color remover with Bond Enforcing Technology.


What is it?
Suitable for all colored bases, the Bond Enforcing Color Remover reduces artificial pigment build-up, lifts the hair up to three levels and strengthens the hair fibre.


What can you do with it?
Reset your clients' color history and push your creativity! The two-step process starts with an easy to apply creamy mixture that safely removes artificial pigments and/or corrects unwanted tone directions to create a clean canvas in up to 20 minutes. During the second step the hair is deeply conditioned for up to 10 minutes, to further enforce bonds within the hair fibre. Afterwards, hairdressers are provided with the perfect canvas ready for a new color application.


What is the big deal?
Removing hair color via a traditional bleach wash can cause extensive damage to the hair, leaving it feeling porous and potentially creating uneven and patchy color results. Thankfully, innovative the Bond Enforcing Color Remover comes with FibreBond Technology built in to set colorists free from the fear of compromizing on hair quality.


Give me the facts!

  • Suitable for all colored bases
  • Reduces artificial pigment build-up and lifts hair up to three levels
  • Integrated FibreBond Technology protects and strengthens the hair fibre
  • Achieve perfectly even color results
  • Easy to remove and recolor in one salon visit



Where can I learn about it?
Bring yourself up-to-date with the latest products and technical processes in a dedicated ‘Innovation Explorer’ Seminar:

ASK eAcademy
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