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Essential Brands: IGORA COLOR10

Schwarzkopf Professional's leading colour brand, IGORA, continues to grow hairdressers' businesses worldwide with a range of outstanding color products that can be tailored to suit any salon situation. IGORA's trusted speedy color product – IGORA COLOR10 – has extended its permanent assortment to include six natural-looking, cool brunette shades, for on-trend color that develops in just 10 minutes!

What is it?

IGORA COLOR10 is a permanent color range with 35 gorgeous intermixable shades. Thanks to breakthrough Amino Acid Carrier Technology, which acts as an express-carrier, color pigments are able to penetrate the hair shaft faster. IGORA COLOR10 not only develops color in just 10 minutes, the caring formula provides full coverage with long-lasting color retention and up to 100% white hair coverage – answering the need for convenient color perfection, fast!

What can you do with it?

IGORA COLOR10 is everybody’s go-to for fast-track, fabulous color! Thanks to a shorter service time, IGORA COLOR10 is the perfect choice for walk-in clients, last-minute color deciders or clients who appreciate faster color services, such as Express Highlights, Beauty Blushing or Root Touch-Ups.

What is the big deal?

The new IGORA COLOR10 shades offer a beautiful selection of natural and cool brunette tones for sophisticated and understated, on-trend results. Two new in-salon services have been developed to showcase the new shades:

  • Look 1 – Color Grading
    A sophisticated, cool brunette result with beautiful color accents.
  • Look 2 – Shine Halo
    A multidimensional brunette color result with soft chestnut tones.

Give me the facts!

  • IGORA COLOR10 is a permanent color range
  • The full assortment of 35 IGORA COLOR10 shades are completely intermixable
  • Develops color in just 10 minutes
  • The caring formula provides full coverage with up to 100% white hair coverage
  • Enjoy long-lasting color retention

Where can I learn about it?

Learn how-to to turn colour visions into everyday reality at an inspiring color seminar from Schwarzkopf Professional's ASK Education:

ASK eAcademy

Explore IGORA COLOR10 product details and color assortment with accessible audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: