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Essential Brands: Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener

Further embracing the huge worldwide balayage trend and the move away from foils, Schwarzkopf Professional's leading blond brand, BLONDME have developed an innovative clay-based lightener: BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener.

What is it?

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener – is a lightener with integrated Bond Enforcing Technology that empowers hairdressers to produce creative, freehand, blond looks – more efficient than ever before!

What can you do with it?

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener has been developed to support the growing client demand for more freehand, trending color applications. The innovative clay application ensures precision for seamless blond results; allowing hairdressers to feel complete confidence as they create modern freehand looks, bespoke to their individual client needs.

What is the big deal?

The advanced, premium, soft-to-solid formula cleverly creates an outer shell, which allows the lightener to stay moist on the inside, unleashing its full lifting power, whilst the outer shell protects uncolored hair from product transfer.

To support the innovation, a new Carmel Kiss look has been developed by Global BLONDME Ambassador and King of Balayage, Jack Howard; he showcases a Dimensional Balayage Technique using BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener, which has been designed to help salon clients tiptoe into the world of blond.


Essential Brands: Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener

“BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener spreads as easily as icing on a cake which makes life as a hair painter so much easier! It feathers beautifully because it’s the right consistency straight away, doesn’t dry out and is the perfect product to use for balayage…”

– Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor) | Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Global Ambassador



Essential Brands: Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener


Give me the facts!

  • Unique soft-to-solid formula
  • Easier, faster and more efficient application
  • New looks and techniques
  • Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology
  • Up to 7 levels of lift

Where can I learn about it?

Discover how you can become your own master of blond in a dedicated iconic blondseminar:

ASK eAcademy

For even more on BLONDME, immerse yourself in engaging audio-visual blond product training via the ASK eAcademy: 


An exciting #ILOVEBLONDME campaign is live across Schwarzkopf Professional's website and social media channels; it's all about sharing the secrets to achieving the best blond, bespoke to each client, whilst showcasing just how versatile 'blond' really is! Plus, hairdressers are invited to showcase how they overcome the biggest in-salon blond challenges, for a chance to join Schwarzkopf Professional, in Hamburg, for an upcoming BLONDME production! Simply work your hairdressing color magic using BLONDME and share it on social media with the @schwarzkopfpro tag and the #ILOVEBLONDME + #BLONDMECONTEST hashtags.