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Essential Brands: Strong Bonds 2.0 Color Transformations

Today’s salon customers are increasingly informed about hair color trends and expect hairdressers to be able to deliver the latest looks, no matter their hair condition! Thanks to two new product innovations Schwarzkopf Professional enable hairdressers to create head-turning color transformations with a superior level of performance.


What is it?

Empowering hairdressers to meet the demand for a variety of color transformations, cutting-edge Fibre Bond Technology has been integrated into NEW IGORA Vario Blond and NEW IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights.


What can you do with it?

Thanks to the integration of Bonding Technologies in all IGORA lightening and lifting color products, hairdressers can now deliver the looks their clients see on social media easier than ever before, without compromising on hair quality.


What is the big deal?

To protect the hair from damage during lightening, lifting or coloring, the active ingredients in Fibre Bond Technology penetrate deep into the hair and create a layer around the hair bonds. Due to this ‘bodyguard function’, most bonds survive the chemical process, keeping hair strong and full of elasticity. 


Strong Bonds 2.0 also brings two new in-salon services:


1. NEW IGORA Vario Blond offers the first Ultimate Blond & Bond Lightening Service from IGORA:

The holistic lightening range has been upgraded with integrated Fibre Bond Technology providing up to 8 levels of lift, with minimized breakage*, for endless blond transformations.


2. NEW IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights delivers the first Trend & Bond Fashion Color Service from IGORA: 

The color crème, that provides lifting and toning in one step, now includes Fibre Bond Technology, offering on-trend fashion colors without compromising on hair quality**.


Give me the facts!

  • Innovative Fibre Bond Technology has been integrated into IGORA Vario Blond and IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights
  • Hair is protected during the color service, leaving it strong and healthy
  • Damaged hair bonds can also be recreated thanks to the Bonding Technology used in complementary care products BLONDME, FIBREPLEX and BC FIBRE FORCE

Where can I learn about it?

Uncover up to the minute bonding trends, discover the latest in Strong Bonds Technology and explore the science behind each innovation at a Color Decoded: Strong Bonds Atelier seminar! Download your local seminar brochure to explore availability near you...


ASK eAcademy

Expand your color product knowledge with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: 

*compared to a lightening service with IGORA Vario Blond without Fibre Bond Technology

**compared to a service with IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights without Fibre Bond Technology