Interview: Simon Ellis Talks Blond Business with Kim Vō

On the set of the BLONDME shoot, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Creative Director, Simon Ellis takes a break with our blond ambassador Kim Vō – also known as ‘Mr. Blonder’ – to discuss all things blond:


Simon: Kim, First question… Where are you based?

Kim: I’m based in Beverly Hills but I don’t think people know that I’m behind the chair 7 days a week! So not only am I a stylist, I actually own salons and I’m behind the chair… so I’m right on the pulse.


Simon: So how have you built your business on blond?

Kim: You know what’s great with blonds… you can be blond in any shade; you just have to pick the right color, the right skin tone. I think there’s a brand new market, especially with the brunettes, which I call ‘blondettes', that’s exploding.


Simon: What do you call them?

Kim: ‘Blondettes’. They’re brunettes that want to tippy-toe in the blond fountain, and what’s great about it… is that’s about 85% of your clients!


Simon: What makes your business unique?

Kim: We are approachable luxury. What I love is that we use premium care, premium products and we give our hearts, our soul and our passion – we customize every client.


Simon: So the secret is customization for every single client that walks through the door?

Kim: I do 30 clients a day and make sure every single person feels special; it’s almost like an artisan blend; I literally handcraft hair!


Simon: You do 30 clients a day – I can’t believe that – how many assistants do you work with?

Kim: Err, enough!


Interview: Simon Ellis Talks Blonde Business with Kim Vō

Simon: So…why BLONDME?

Kim: Why BLONDME!? Because it’s a holistic brand! From the hairdresser, mixing the color (and really depending on that color)… to giving the client home care… it’s very important to keep blond beautiful because your clients have invested so much time and precious money… they’ll want to keep that blond up. Blond is a very delicate color; it’s like a white flower or a piece of paper, the elements are going to attack it so you have to fight back! If you take the holistic BLONDME system, where the color shouts confident and the client just loves the product, you’re going to have them blond beautiful – remember they are going to be the billboards for your business… what makes you money.


Simon: What is so great about BLONDME is that it really encompasses every type of blond…so whether you want to be dark blond, medium blond, highlift blond, cool, warm, whatever…I can be any, it doesn’t matter. What I think is so great about it is that it not only encompasses the world of blond, but it also has a whole care regime…how to protect from long term damage and so on…

Kim: Absolutely. Sun, water, all that stuff. My largest growing market is our ‘blondettes’; our dark-haired clients that want to tippy-toe, but don’t want to be considered blond. It’s funny because you explain hair care to them and they’re like “I’m not blond!” – but it really is a great opportunity, your biggest growing market.


Simon: Which BLONDME product would be your hero product?

Kim: Toners, magic happens in the bowl… the toner series is amazing it gives you that extra level of luxury that other salons don’t give you and it seals the deal. It makes your hair completely sealed and wrapped and it gives that client that ‘oomph’ of confidence.


Interview: Simon Ellis Talks Blonde Business with Kim Vō

Simon: In your salon how much of the revenue comes out of your blond business? How many clients would have color in your salon?

Kim: It’s great, 65-70%. This system is so easy; it’s a hair cutter’s color. What I mean by that is if you only cut and you want to tippy-toe into the color world, this system [BLONDME] is so simple and it really is the safety net... this is why I’m in love with it!


Simon: In terms of the kind of services, how much is OTC? 65% of your clients are color, so basically how many of them take home products?

Kim: They have to take it home because I learnt it the hard way! Your clients are your billboards… it’s not about selling; we don’t sell here, we share. If you don’t share with them – the techniques to keep their hair beautiful – no one is going to ask them, “who does your hair” and you’re not going to get that client. So it’s so imperative and important to give them that regiment… I think being excited is really contagious, so if you’re excited, truly excited about a product, a take-home product, or your client keeping their hair [maintenance] up… that’s what it’s all about.


Simon: What is the main tool that you would use in terms of blond?

Kim: Honestly, I think it’s me free-handing with the paint brush… the freedom to feel confident about painting – I love foils and there’s nothing wrong with foils – but I love free-handing and I think you have to shake it up a little bit.


Simon: On average what is the kind of length of a service? In the salon, what would you book… every 45 minutes? Every hour?

Kim: Well with 30 clients you would book every 7 minutes, but that’s not realistic! Realistically you book an hour and you really give it your all… we’ve got great techniques that we show all the time… and all these colors, but I think the reality is about giving that client a real personalized service; making them look amazing. And when they are leaving the salon, don’t let them leave, book the next appointment!


Simon: So the secret is before they walk out, get them to book their next appointment?

Kim: Yes. And call them! Don’t text them. Call them and say “listen you’re coming in tomorrow”, not “we’ll see you tomorrow”… “you’re coming in tomorrow at 3 – we are excited to see you then!”


Watch Kim Vō’s blond expertise in action as he transforms one of our models with BLONDME:



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