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Meet Essential Looks Team Member, Damien Carney

Through his collaborations with fashion houses, photographers and celebrity clients, Damien Carney has carved a spot for himself as one of the industry’s most influential stylists – so we’re thrilled he’s now sprinkling that signature stardust on our latest salon looks.


You’ve built a reputation as an industry visionary – how do you stay fresh and inspired?

"I’ve always been about change and moving forward. In this industry, you stand still and you simply get left behind. It’s one of the reasons I just couldn’t say no to becoming part of the Schwarzkopf team. There is such an incredible opportunity to grow and surround myself with stronger talent who inspire me to be better every day. It’s impossible not to be motivated by that."


Your new role involves educating and mentoring the next generation of stylists. What are the key traits you look for?

"Simple – passion, passion and more passion! I want to see a love for our craft and the desire to be the best they can be. It’s also essential to be open-minded and willing to try new ideas, approaches and philosophies. A great stylist is always looking to the future, while being aware of has happened in the past. Inspire clients and the team around you and ask yourself, are you leading or are you following?"


How do you manage the balance between creativity and commerciality?

"By changing things up every now and then. That way I stay energized and can give it my all, whichever end of the spectrum the work sits. The salon-friendly looks that Rossa Jurenas and I have created throughout this collection are the perfect example of that – on trend, fresh and so, so wearable."