Interview: Blond Icons Lesley Jennison & Kim Vō

Blond is iconic, blond is fascinating, blond is cool, blond is very, very tempting... So, if you’re feeling the lure of blond, who better than Schwarzkopf Professional Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Schwarzkopf Professional Global BLONDME Ambassador, Kim Vō to share their magic pearls of blond wisdom?


Who got you interested in blond? 

KV: “Myself! Being Vietnamese and French I’ve always looked for that perfect blond. When I achieved it, I knew it was possible…!’’


Is hair ever too dark to go blond? 

LJ: “With the new BLONDME Premium Lift 9+ with integrated Bonding Technology there are no limits. I recently tinted a Korean model’s naturally black hair to shimmering ice blond at the ends – and it was still in immaculate condition.” 


What’s the best way to keep blond hair healthy? 

KV: “Three words: preparation, personalize, and prolong. Prep before coloring. Personalize by not going too light or over-processing. Prolong with a home care regime for your exact needs.” 


Who would you most like to turn blond?

LJ: “Anna Wintour. I’d love to give her iconic bob a high-lift blond all over using 3-4 colors for a super iridescent – almost metallic – shine of cool, warm and neutral blond.” 


What’s your favourite shade of blond?

KV: “I think blonds are 4-dimensional, the first 3 are what you see and the 4th is a personality. I love every blond that suits the [blond] personality.” 


Who’s your favourite blond from the past?

LJ: “Blondie. I remember seeing her [Debbie Harry] singing Atomic. This beautiful, angelic vanilla-white blond wearing a grungy black bin liner – genius!”


Who’s your favourite modern blond? 

KV: “It’s a toss-up between my client Britney Spears and, of course, Madonna.”

LJ: “For me, the girl who does it best and looks enchantingly beautiful is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.”


What are next season’s blond super trends? 

KV: “‘Dirty Flirty’ where roots rule, and ‘Glam Grunge’, a kind of morning-after the Oscar’s after-party.” 


Do blonds really have more fun? 

KV: “I’ve been blond for 20 years and it’s been a blast!”


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