Hair How-To: Koolblonds – Sille

“Going blond feels like a whole new start. The trick is to make sure you and your colorist know exactly what you want, then just go for it. The cool blond shades you can get with IGORA ROYAL Highlifts are amazing, and it’s a look almost anyone can try.”


– Lesley Jennison | Global Color Ambassador


Follow the steps below to create a sophisticated, multi-tonal cool blond color result as seen in this season’s Koolblond trend:


Before & After

Before & After


Colors Used:


Color 1

IGORA ROYAL Highlifts 12-4 + 0-99 30:1 mixed with 12%/40 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer.


Color 2

IGORA ROYAL Highlifts 12-1 mixed with 12%/40 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer.


Color 3

IGORA ROYAL Highlifts 12-1 + 0-89 30:1 mixed with 12%/40 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer.

After rinsing colors, FIBREPLEX Shampoo and FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer should be applied according to instructions.






  • Taking the top section of the hair create 5 triangles on top of the head, as indicated in the image

Color 1


Step 1

Step 1: Color 1

  • Starting at the back of the head, apply color 1 all over, from root to tip working your way around the head

Color 2 at the Back


Step 2

Step 2: Color 2

  • Wrap a piece of foil over the head to cover the hair colored with color 1
  • Undo the back triangle section and apply color 2
  • Cover with foil

Alternative Color 1 and Color 3


Step 3

Step 3: Alternative Color 1 and Color 3

  • Within each of the remaining sections, alternate slices of color 1 and 3 to create a multi-tonal look that accentuates the shape of the hair
  • Work your way through each section and cover with foil

Color 2 at the Front


Step 4

Step 4: Color 2

  • To finish the application, apply color 2 to the front section of the hair
  • Cover with foil

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