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ESSENTIAL LOOKS® is looking firmly towards the future in the 1:2018 trend collection: REinventing Hair. This season, we’re bringing to life 120 years of expertise across four brand new trends that REinvent, REimagine and REinspire hair:

RANDOM REBEL celebrates self-expression, the cultural outside and the rebellious maverick.


REAL ME embraces the authentic, showcasing real-life – just dialed up a notch – in shades of natural.


BEYOND BORDERS blends our global status – a new generation of multi-culture where attitude is everything and no rules rule.


IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver celebrates co-created looks, developed by international influencers and the world’s leading colorists.

International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional®, Simon Ellis describes the collection:


“In our industry, we’re all continuously REinventing hair in every dimension, that’s the only way to thrive and grow. At Schwarzkopf Professional it’s our mission, today and every day. We’re always inspiring, creating and always dreaming big, which is why we’re so excited to share this season’s REinventing Hair Collection with you... It’s a fast, furious, brand-new world, and we’re right there, pinning down the trends that really matter!”

Take a minute to check out our REinventing Hair Collection

Essential Looks®
IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes


Throughout 2018, the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver sees three of the most inspiring digital hairdressing influencers team-up with three of the world's leading session colorists. In March, the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver bought us DUSTED ROUGE, where UK-based, Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Color Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos joined forces to re-invent reds.


Now the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver co-creation story continues with DISHEVELED NUDES; a collection of new nude tones that push the powdery color palette to the edge by adding contrast and character…

DISHEVELED NUDES has been co-created by Australian-based, International Schwarzkopf Professional® Ambassador, Matt Clements and Spanish Color Visionary and member of X-Presion Creativos, Jorge Cáncer. Their combined inspiration and creative process allowed them to develop a new take on nude tones: vanguard nuances with tarnished blues and greens full of character keep the shades strong and edgy, yet still soft at the same time… a unique take on the modern nude.

Discover the inspirational looks created with the DISHEVELED NUDES shades today!


Throughout 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional® will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary with a BRAND NEW campaign – REinventing Hair. Expect to see a year of inspiration as we continue to push creative boundaries and honor 120 years of pioneering hairdressing!

With innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional® has continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years; making true milestones in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe!

Schwarzkopf Professional® co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional®…

…INNOVATE so that hairdressers can deliver a standout service
…INSPIRE hairdressers with the latest looks and the tools to create them
…EDUCATE through progressive hairdresser training
…CONNECT with leading influencers in the hairdressing industry
…SUPPORT the hairdresser every step of the way

2018 will be a year of hair REinvention with many exciting new brands and product launches, so don’t forget to follow us @schwarzkopfusa on social media, using the hashtag #120Facts!

Schwarzkopf Professional® 120


Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME has gone and done it again! Now Hollywood blonde hair has been simplified and perfected for your salons. BLONDME has added two new Hi-Lighting shades to compliment the range. In addition, BLONDME has even made the whole process of lifting and toning easier – now it can be done in just ONE step!


Blonde is by far the most desired color in client consultations (over 60%). With this in mind, the expert blonde range BLONDME created two new Hi-Lighting shades: Warm Gold and Cool Rosé. Warm Gold adds a subtle and elegant lift for a fantastic honey blonde hue and Cool Rosé gives hair a delicate and soft blonde. Both Hi-Lighting shades mend color together for an exceptional blonde and offer predictable lift with premium blending – making the duplication process a piece of cake.


Improve your portfolio and blonde hair with the on-trend BLONDME LIGHTS services – soft color upgrades with Lights that add subtle blonde tones to darker bases – or with Pastel Lights for lighter blondes. A fantastic alternative to lightener, the two new BLONDME Hi-Lighting shades Warm Gold and Cool Rosé can lift up to five levels. That means lifting dark bases and previously colored hair too!


The protective technology of the Pre-Lift Kera Protector means hair stays protected during the lifting process and no more breakage. Hair can go blonde without the hassle, but will definitely create a commotion amongst your clients – they’ll love their sensational blonde hair so much that they will never risk going anywhere else!


Now it’s time for everyone who ever wanted to but never did – because it’s never too late for anyone to be a gorgeous blonde!


Finally found the perfect shade? Now freeze it, for zero fade*! That’s right, the most annoying problem in hair color just got zapped by BC COLOR FREEZE. Hair can now look fresh and vibrant in-between salon visits and clients will be clamouring at the door to get their piece of sensational color and mirror-like shine.


The world of hair color cheers! Now, the daily hair regimes of washing, straightening or drying can be enjoyed carefree, without worrying about the color fading. The salon experience can also be upgraded with a BC COLOR FREEZE Treatment. After coloration, offer clients a BC COLOR FREEZE Treatment – for maximum protection and superior shine. Retain their color and gain their retention.


How does it all work? New studies have discovered that the perfect pH level for hair is 4.5. That’s why BC BONACURE redeveloped the COLOR FREEZE range, to incorporate the pH 4.5 Balancer Technology and provide top color care and optimal shine. Previously, color care could only seal the hair’s cuticle and could not keep color from leaving. BC COLOR FREEZE not only seals hair cuticles but it also tightens the hair’s inner matrix ¬– freezing color in its place. Brr! This range has shampoos, conditioners, treatments, serums and creams (for all different hair types) to help freeze color pigmentation. For the best color results, it is recommended to use IGORA ROYAL colors and BC COLOR FREEZE products.


Seeing is believing and BC COLOR FREEZE will deliver – making a believer out of anyone who wants to keep their hair color looking polished. Join the hair revolution for the greatest discovery in color care technology. It’s finally here – the day has come for zero fade!


*after 12 washes according to 77 of 100 persons tested on a red shade

Kea's Story


In the past year, the life of Shaping Futures student Kea Kors has changed completely. Kea’s parents were unable to afford to pay for her education, which limited her career prospects. However, this all changed when Schwarzkopf Professional’s social initiative program Shaping Futures offered the 21 years old a new, exciting opportunity – to be trained as a hairdresser, mentored by experienced volunteers from the profession.


Kea had always been interested in the hair and beauty industry, and the training in Cambodia provided the perfect chance to start a new career.


Kea was able to demonstrate fantastic talent and motivation, and after successfully completed the training program, she secured herself a job in a salon in Battambang.
“I am very happy with my new job and I am dreaming about owning my own salon in a few years. My main goal however, is to earn enough money to support my family.”


Kea has grown to become an independent young professional, working in an industry that she adores. Shaping Futures will continue to follow Kea along her journey, as she develops her skills and confidence further.


After Schwarzkopf Professional’s first, very successful training in Latvia and Slovenia in 2012 and 2013, they decided to expand our Eastern European engagement even further. This is why in 2014, Schwarzkopf Professional have started the first Shaping Futures trainings in Ukraine, Croatia and Poland.


Once again they partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to reach underprivileged Polish young adults who were enthusiastic to learn the hairdressing profession. 14 young people took place in the two weeks training in SOS Siedlce in Poland.


Together with UNESCO, we also trained 20 young adults in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The students were eager to learn from our volunteer hairdressers, and successfully demonstrated their newly achieved skills at the hair show and final presentation on the last day of training.


Finally, Schwarzkopf Professional are really excited to have established a partnership with the famous hairdressing school Dyudenko, in Ukraine. This new cooperation enables them to provide young adults from SOS Children’s Villages with scholarships for a six months training program – a fantastic opportunity to receive the best education package to start their hairdressing careers.


On the 3rd August 2014, Schwarzkopf Professional introduced its global Shaping Futures initiative in Jordan for the first time, in partnership with non-profit child welfare organization SOS Children’s Village Amman. Designed to give disadvantaged young people the skills they need to earn a sustainable living as hairdressers, the social initiative draws on Schwarzkopf Professional’s worldwide network of hair experts to train 35 SOS Children’s Village beneficiaries.


The four-week training program is delivered by volunteer hair professionals from the United Kingdom, Scotland, Croatia, Poland, Lebanon and Jordan, and covers a total of four modules: Consultation, Cutting, Dressing and Color. During classes, students are given the opportunity to meet with local salon owners, enabling them to pursue careers in nearby salons once they graduate.


“Shaping Futures is about empowering young people with a professional skill that can improve their chances of independence and financial stability.” said Katarzyna Walo, PPS Manager MEA of Schwarzkopf Professional. “The initiative has already seen our students thrive after leaving their SOS Children’s Villages, some of whom have secured jobs immediately after completing their training. We hope to bring this success to Jordan."

Together #apassionforhair

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