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Schwarzkopf Professional® brings you the latest in news and events in the world of hairdressing. Whether we're showing off the hottest trends in our latest ESSENTIAL LOOKS® collection, bringing you one of our fantastic product launches or announcing an exciting new salon partner, we believe you will find everything you need here - Don't forget to regularly check back for all the latest goings on! 

Schwarzkopf Professional News
Shaping Futures


Schwarzkopf Professional showcases their global initiative in a brand-new documentary series.


Through long-running partnerships with NGOs* and a network of hairdressers, Schwarzkopf Professional transforms the lives of socially disadvantaged young adults through their Shaping Futures hairdresser training program.


To celebrate the incredible dedication of everybody involved in this social initiative – and to highlight the difference it brings to hundreds of lives around the world – Schwarzkopf Professional is proud to release the documentary: “Inside Shaping Futures”. The documentary takes you on a journey into the emotional world of Shaping Futures. Inside views are depicted by NGOs, hairdresser trainers, Schwarzkopf Professional partners and the Shaping Futures students themselves.


"It's quite a unique experience for all of us that are involved...the passion that the students have to learn and to advance in their life is as equally touching for us, as the experience of the training is for them.” – Coralie Loth, Shaping Futures Manager at Schwarzkopf Professional


Experience the power of education and check out the four-part documentary series now.


*Non-governmental Orginization


Discover Schwarzkopf Professional®'s 1st Premium Clay Lightener with Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology for optimal precision and beautiful, natural-looking blonde results.


Create modern free-hand blonde looks easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before!


BLONDME®'s Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener is our 1st clay-based lightener with integrated Bond Enforcing Technology that spreads easily and provides complete accuracy with a unique soft-to-solid formula.


Instead of using classic foil highlights, the premium soft-to-solid formula creates an outer-shell that allows the lightener to remain moist inside, while releasing maximum lightening power within the hair. The integrated Bond Enforcing Technology enforces strong structural bonds during the lightening process, while lifting up to an impressive 7 levels.


Watch our Caramel Kiss tutorial with BLONDME Ambassador Jack Howard to learn how to achieve seamless, on-trend balayage Looks using the BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener.


Don't forget to share your beautiful balayage results using the hashtag #BLONDME.


Be inspired by the world of BLONDME®....



BLONDME® Premium Clay Lightener
tbh - true beautiful honest


Here at Schwarzkopf Professional®, we're excited to announce the eagerly-awaited launch of a new permanent color range tbh – true beautiful honest. Reflecting the current desire for realism and authenticity in beauty, tbh – true beautiful honest offers a unique and honest solution to hair coloring.


tbh – true beautiful honest stands for:


truly unique color results that illuminate the hairs' natural highs and lows with natural shine, for up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage.


beautifully authentic shimmering powdery tones with subtle iridescent undertones.


Genuinely honest approach in communicating the ingredients in the tbh – true beautiful honest formulations and what they do.


The tbh – true beautiful honest range boasts 26 colors across three different color worlds to ignite hairdresser's creativity and create wonderfully authentic results: 

  • Natural: neutral hues with a subtle hint of chocolate (6 shades)
  • Cool: counteract underlying warmth with modern smoky tones (13 shades)
  • Warm: luxury primary reflections, muted by rose undertones (7 shades)

Join our era of authentic attitude with tbh – true beautiful honest #betbh.




BC BONACURE® delivers beautiful hair to every client in-salon and at home, thanks to the integration of trending skincare-inspired technologies and breakthrough Micellar Technology.


BC BONACURE® provides a customized approach to every hair type:

Three influential lifestyle bloggers...

  • Caroline Silta (@carolinesilta)
  • Alezandra Pereira (@lovelypepa)
  • Jüli Mery (@juelimery)

...share their real-life problems and solve their hair dilemmas using the new BC BONACURE® range. Check out their stories at


Explore the entire BC BONACURE® range today!



Introducing the latest trends from Schwarzkopf Professional's ESSENTIAL LOOKS®. This season’s hair and fashion trends are all about motion, emotion and self-expression! In our brand new spring/summer 1:2019 collection, these looks have been interpreted by top global hair gurus – ready for right now.


The Creating Tomorrow’s Hair Today Collection showcases 10 looks across three cutting-edge trends:


Feminine Active is all about making athleisure feminine, through delicate layered looks with asymmetrical cuts, undone do's, minimal make-up and maximum fun.


Luxe Vibe brings 80s power-dressing back, using big hair and balayage contouring to create empowered glam looks that are big, bold, brainy and brash.


Self-Made Youth breaks the mold with edgy, in-your-face looks that celebrate uniqueness, diversity and self-expression.


Spark your creativity with the Creating Tomorrow's Hair Today Collection!


2018 has been the year of co-labs for Schwarzkopf Professional®! After opening the doors to our IGORA ROYAL® color labs, we've already seen two amazing IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver collaborations – Dusted Rouge and Disheveled Nudes.


Now it's time for Schwarzkopf Professional® North American Color Director, Rossa Jurenas (@rossajurenas) and Californian color-trendsetter, Linh Phan (@Bescene) to take back the night with their seductive Lucid Nocturnes tones.


Lucid Nocturnes is a collection of six deep and seductive, highly-pigmented, midnight shades with a punky twist and radiant finish. The combined creative influence from both Rossa Jurenas and Linh Phan have paved the way for a modern take on darker tones with gothic nuances and vibrant contrasts.


Delve into the Lucid Nocturnes shade collection and get inspired by our latest edgy collaboration from the color lab!

IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver Lucid Nocturnes


All eyes are on the brand new hair and fashion trends from Schwarzkopf Professional's 2:2018 ESSENTIAL LOOKS® Collection; this season is all about the individual as Schwarzkopf Professional® celebrates your YOUniverse in a special MAKEOVER edition…


Thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s collaboration with Global Influencers and International Hair Gurus – combined with a stripped-back, digital-first approach – this ESSENTIAL LOOKS® collection is truly REdefining the way hairdressers and their clients interact with the latest hair and fashion trends.


This season's collection showcases six stunning looks across three on-point trends:


#globaltribe is all about showcasing the individual – think global natives meets eastern influences with a folklore twist.


#newformal is a contemporary take on power dressing and strict styling, with oversized silhouettes, block coloring and precision cutting.


#lucidnocturnes continues the power of the co-lab, as two more industry trend-setters give their take on seductive midnight colors that shine through the night.


It’s time to explore your YOUniverse with the #REdefining YOU Collection!


Throughout 2018, the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver sees three of the most inspiring digital hairdressing influencers team-up with three of the world's leading session colorists. In March, the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver bought us DUSTED ROUGE, where UK-based, Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Color Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos joined forces to re-invent reds.


Now the IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver co-creation story continues with DISHEVELED NUDES; a collection of new nude tones that push the powdery color palette to the edge by adding contrast and character…


DISHEVELED NUDES has been co-created by Australian-based, International Schwarzkopf Professional® Ambassador, Matt Clements and Spanish Color Visionary and member of X-Presion Creativos, Jorge Cáncer. Their combined inspiration and creative process allowed them to develop a new take on nude tones: vanguard nuances with tarnished blues and greens full of character keep the shades strong and edgy, yet still soft at the same time… a unique take on the modern nude.


Discover the inspirational looks created with the DISHEVELED NUDES shades today!

IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes
Schwarzkopf Professional® 120


Throughout 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional® will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary with a BRAND NEW campaign – REinventing Hair. Expect to see a year of inspiration as we continue to push creative boundaries and honor 120 years of pioneering hairdressing!


With innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional® has continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years; making true milestones in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe!


Schwarzkopf Professional® co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional®…


…INNOVATE so that hairdressers can deliver a standout service
…INSPIRE hairdressers with the latest looks and the tools to create them
…EDUCATE through progressive hairdresser training
…CONNECT with leading influencers in the hairdressing industry
…SUPPORT the hairdresser every step of the way


2018 will be a year of hair REinvention with many exciting new brands and product launches, so don’t forget to follow us @schwarzkopfusa on social media, using the hashtag #120Facts!

Together #apassionforhair

The world of hairdressing is constantly evolving, growing and advancing with global techniques, trends, innovations and new business insights emerging all the time. With this in mind, we are dedicated to bringing our partner, the hairdresser, everything they need to run a successful salon business. Keeping up to date with all the latest in hairdressing couldn't be easier through our diverse and inspirational social media channels - Use our social buttons to keep ahead of the game, 24/7.