BLONDME Blushes Collection


Beach up blondes with BLONDME Paint-On Lightener for seamless grading and up to 7 levels of ammonia-free lift, and pamper any blonde base with BLONDME Instant Blushes for delicate blonde refining in 4 on-trend pastel shades. 


The 3 BLONDME signature techniques: LightMe!, BlushMe! and MermaidMe! reveal the beauty of blondes with versatile techniques that create astonishing beach and soft pastel looks.


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    Freehand techniques without any creative limitation! Achieve precise, seamless, soft graded highlights with BLONDME Paint-On Lightener.

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    Create a delicate, soft rose effect by using BLONDME Instant Blush in STRAWBERRY, for a quick pastel color service with low commitment.

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    For this on-trend, layered aquatic look, apply BLONDME Instant Blushes in STEEL BLUE at the tips and JADE through the lengths of the hair.

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