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This Autumn/Winter, ESSENTIAL LOOKS has created the Flex Collection...


Radical blurring of the gender divide has been distilled in the GENDERLESS trend, gymwear merges with lifewear in the ATHLEISURE trend, and the eternal statement of pure blonde is explored in the KOOLBLONDS trend.


We break down the fashion, color and styling direction of each, and explore the key looks – from catwalk to salon!


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Fashion Direction
Celebrating androgynous, fluid identity and the spirit of the non-conformist – monochrome, bluenote nails and a felt trilby sets the Genderless fashion tone.

Color Direction
The story of the season might be about being gender neutral, but today’s most beautiful shades are all about the extreme, with the palest blondes and the deepest blue-blacks.

Styling Direction
Opt for a textured crop, or for those who are truly daring, the buzzcut, to achieve the the Genderless look.

Explore the Genderless Catwalk and Salon Looks...




Fashion Direction
A cooler take on last season's Urban Sport, Athleisure comes with a twist – graphic shapes, statement accessories, retro styling and bags of color put a playful spin on an effortless, luxurious trend.

Color Direction
This isn’t about all-over color. Modern burgundies shimmer and shine in deep, dark, glossy hair.

Styling Direction
Go for a textured, cool look – slick back & relax!

Explore the Athleisure Catwalk and Salon Looks...




Fashion Direction
A look that has defined eras, rewritten rulebooks and always speaks volumes – for cool blondes, it’s all about statement accessories, fierce heels and effortless silhouettes in every shade of black.

Color Direction
This season, the palest blondes are sleek, sophisticated, timeless and elegant, and enter every room with supreme confidence!

Styling Direction
Angular, smooth, uncompromising, elegant and harmonious.

Explore the Koolblonds Catwalk and Salon Looks...