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Professional Tips for Beautiful Curls

Due to the nature of a curl, the outer curve (para-cortex) is more porous, as the cuticle layer is more open. This exposes the inner cortex to damage, as well as making the hair more vulnerable to drying out. 


To keep curls hydrated and looking beautiful follow our do’s and don’ts to maintain beautiful curly hair:



  • Find the right care product combination for your hair: moisturizing and smoothing products work well on curly hair 
  • Use BC Moisture Kick Cleansing Conditioner every 3rd wash, it balances the hair’s natural moisture content and improves strength and elasticity
  • Sleep on satin or silk: cotton pillow cases tend to dry out hair which is a particular issue for curly hair
  • Use a volume-building product on the roots, then carefully blow-dry at the scalp to maintain lift
  • Use extreme care when styling, do not over-stress the hair. Use a styling product with a built-in conditioner to protect from heat and mechanical damage
  • Dry the hair with a diffuser or air-dry, this will encourage a natural look whilst reducing the amount of direct heat on the hair
  • Brush down the hair from roots to tips, never up!


  • Dry hair with a towel. Simply squeeze the excess water out of the hair – avoid rubbing and twisting to reduce the risk of damage, split-ends and frizz
  • Comb the hair when dry! Comb the hair only when wet with a wide-toothed comb to de-tangle. When the hair is dry, use your fingers to define and separate the curl pattern, then use a styling product to hold this in place

Remember: using the wrong styling product can make curls look overburdened or even greasy.


“For smooth, round curls that bounce back into shape I use OSiS+ Bouncy Curls. It gives great lightweight hold that’s glossy and weightless, too.”


— Tyler Johnston | Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador


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