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Salon Service: Cool Blond and Bond

IGORA ROYAL Highlifts is the 1st highlifting color from Schwarzkopf Professional with Fibre Bond Technology integrated inside the color cream.


The Results?

  • Minimized hair Breakage*
  • Coolest blond results ever from IGORA ROYAL

Cool Blond & Bond Service


Step 1: Color


Step 1

The active ingredient inside IGORA ROYAL Highlifts penetrates deep into the hair to create a protective layer around the existing hair bonds. This ‘bodyguard function’ helps most of the bonds survive the high-lifting process, enabling hair to keep its strength and elasticity.

  • Protect hair bonds during lightening
  • Keep hair strong and elastic
  • Deliver the clearest and coolest blonds

Step 2: Care


Step 2

FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer enforces the inner hair bonds and seals the outer hair surface for a superior hair quality.

  • New bonds are created deep inside the hair
  • The hair surface is sealed
  • Color pigments are locked into the hair

Step 3: Maintain


Step 3

FIBREPLEX Shampoo enhances the action of the FIBREPLEX range, providing intensive care to leave hair strong, supple and full of shine. FIBREPLEX N°3 Bond Maintainer creates new bonds and balances the hair’s pH level.

  • Maintain hair condition at home over time
  • Replenish lost bonds
  • Seal the hair with every use

For more information on bonding technologies explore Strong Bonds and discover a new era in superior hair quality!


*Compared to Highlift Color without FIBREPLEX technology.