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Turn Your Salon into a Blond Hotspot

Blond services represent the biggest opportunity for every salon (60% of total salon sales) but also the biggest challenge as blonds have the most delicate hair structure… Despite this, colorists need to guarantee perfect hair quality and stunning color results every time; blond customers expect a perfect blond look with customized results, matching their individual needs. 


“My clients are my billboard and I ensure a stunning blond result with every service I offer. Keep in mind that your client is going to expect a compliment when she leaves the salon…and at 5 weeks later when she’s still getting a compliment, then you’ve got a loyal client for life!”


– Kim Vō, Global BLONDME Ambassador


Grow your salon’s blond business with BLONDME

BLONDME is the only color and care brand truly dedicated to blonds, allowing maximum customization of blond services with total confidence and in total safety thanks to innovations powered by Bonding Technology. BLONDME is the only iconic color and care system exclusively developed for blonds offering:

  • CONFIDENT SAFETY – no compromize on hair quality, even in the most demanding situations thanks to the Advanced Bonding System
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE – the most powerful lightening and highlighting action 
  • INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITIES – the widest range of unique blond services with maximum customization tailored to your clients wishes and hair type
  • ICONIC RESULTS – empowering colorists to deliver on-trend blond looks every time, overcoming any blond challenge

The Blonding phenomenon is in the public eye and thanks to BLONDME’s integrated Bonding Technology, your salon can offer iconic, safe blond results that clients won’t find anywhere else, differencing you from the competition. Offering sophisticated blond looks through highly innovative techniques means that clients are also willing to pay a higher price for lightening, lifting, blending and toning services integrated with Bonding Technology.


Remember, the key to a successful salon business is education

Schwarzkopf Professional strive to be the perfect partner for every hairdresser, providing 360° support dedicated to your salon needs, from in-salon training and seminars to digital support you can find training to suit your specific needs anywhere, anytime.


ASK eAcademy

Grow your blond salon business and advance your bonding knowledge with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: