Digital Salon: How–to post User Generated Content (UGC) on Social Media

One of the greatest assets a brand – in this case YOUR salon – can have is its’ customers; did you realise that people are 70% more likely to make a purchase with a company after a good experience*! …and if a customer sees one of their peers having a good experience with a particular company, they are more likely to seek out that experience for themselves.

Simply put, people trust one another more than they trust companies or brands, which is why, on average, posting user generated content (UGC) creates far more engagement than promotional posts.

Utilising UGC for your own brand or salon doesn’t have to be difficult, it's a simple process of asking to repurpose a user’s social content for your own marketing channels and reposting it; in essence it's the modern form of word-of-mouth marketing!

Here are some benefits of User Generated Content (UGC) on Social Media:

  • It's authentic and engaging content, that's credible
  • UGC provides proof of a real-life, quality service
  • This type of content increases digital presence and reach
  • It's much more trusted than paid or promotional media
  • It allows a brand/salon to grow together with its followers (I.E. customers)
  • Develops and reinforces brand loyalty
  • UGC is a great way to build a wider community

"Make your content about your customers, not about you.
Make the customers the hero."

– Ann Handley, Digital Marketing Pioneer


Now you know why you should be utilizing UGC, here's how to actually post it on your own social media channel – Instagram will be our example:


Digital Salon: How–to post User Generated Content (UGC) on Social Media
  1. Pick a customer photo that you would like to 'regram' and take a screenshot using your phone
  2. Crop it so that only the image remains
  3. Open Instagram and follow the same process as when posting any other photo
  4. Write your caption, add hashtags and do not forget to tag/mention the original creator!

This is the easiest way to 'regram' content, however there are a number of apps that let you do it, such as Regram or Repost it, however these come with pros and cons, depending on if you use free or paid for versions. 


When 'regramming' content the audience will be interested in not only in the result but also in the creational process (E.G. colors used or what the look/technique is called – so they can ask for it themselves!), so in addition to tagging/giving credit to the creator (which is an absolute MUST when using someone else’s content), don't forget to make your caption engaging and add relevant hashtags.

Remember content marking is a two way street, so when UGC is done correctly, it can be very beneficial and exciting for both brand/salon and customer. In this instance the salon will benefit because they know that they are reaching and resonating with their target audience through this type of content. The customer will benefit because, not only is their content being exposed to a wider audience (increasing their potential followers, likes and over all engagement), it reinforces brand loyalty as the customer feels more valued by the brand.

For inspiration and to see some examples of User Generated Content, why not explore the Schwarzkopf Professional Instagram account: @schwarzkopfpro.

Source: Social Sprout marketing insights*