Digital Salon: Understanding Hashtags on Social Media

To continue to grow your salon's social media presence – and in turn your salon business – you need to be active on social media! With social media comes hashtags, which is why this post aims to gives a quick introduction to the topic with hints and tips to get the most out of using them...


What exactly is a hashtag?
Hashtags are everywhere! Originally starting on Twitter, they now appear on the vast majority of social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Primarily used in social media marketing, a hashtag is simply a word, or group of words, prefixed with this symbol '#'. They allow you to start, track and follow conversations online; making them a necessity for marketing and brand interaction via social media.


What makes for a successful hashtag campaign?
A salesman is only as good as the products he sells; therefore the key to a successful campaign is the hashtag itself. Hashtag users need to do their research to ensure there isn’t already something similar floating around the social scene (which could cause a potential PR disaster!).


Remember to ensure the hashtag is catchy; something your target audience will pick up easily and remember, and check that it is relevant – trying to be too clever can be just as ineffective as not trying hard enough! Some hashtags have also been banned on certain social media platforms (due to overuse and/or explicit content that breaches community guidelines), so it’s important to refresh your research to make sure your favourite hashtags have not been banned.


How can I put hashtags to use?
Once you have your researched hashtag – for Schwarzkopf Professional #apassionforhair / #schwarzkopfpro are the overarching brand related hashtags – it’s then how you use it that will determine your impact and success. An audience needs to be provided with a purpose to engage in your social media posts or campaign. There are many ways you can do this, for example, you could:

  • Inform/motivate your audience with inspiring educational content e.g.
    #ASKeducation, #hairinspo
  • Trigger an emotional response using theme days or before/after shots e.g. #MondayMotivation, #TransformationTuesday
  • Run a competition where the user has to use a specific hashtag/set of hashtags to enter e.g. #BLONDMEBATTLE, #igoraroyaltakeover
  • Use your own brand hashtag to source follower-generated content to use on your own account(s) e.g. #apassionforhair, #schwarzkopfpro
  • Raise awareness for a new in-salon promotion, service or product launch e.g. #OilUltime, #salonessentials




Remember that hashtags are designed to make your content more visible and accessible, so it's a good idea to keep them relatively short and sweet. Long hashtags can be hard to read and there is an increased chance of typos (something that would make your content less visible!).


It's also a good idea to mix up your hashtags with popular, high-ranking hashtags vs. local and niche hashtags – if you're clever about using a mix, you could target a range of potential clients (without looking spammy!). One word of warning: if you #hashtag #every #word it will look spammy and serves little purpose. Here are a few of our favourite hashtags to get you started:


#TRUEBEAUTY #BELIEVEINCONFIDENCE #EssentialLooks #IGORA #EXPRESSYOURBLONDME #blondehairdontcare #hairdresserlife #salonlife #hairinspo #instahair #hairtrends #hairgoals #beautyroutine #beautifulhair #healthyhair #hairartist #madetocreate #strongbonds #askeducation #strongbonds #shapingfutures #schwarzkopfpro #apassionforhair

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