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Essential Brands: IGORA Muted Desert

A more minimalistic lifestyle continues to be en vogue as we see a stripped-back approach to hair and fashion; there is a renewed movement towards muted, cool colors with nude tonal reflections inspired by the landscape. To answer this need, Schwarzkopf Professional have further expanded the IGORA portfolio with a brand new color palette for 2020, developed specifically for lighter bases: IGORA Muted Desert.

What is it?
Inspired by the chalky and calm landscapes of the desert – and its bare, sandy surroundings – IGORA Muted Desert offers a color palette containing four cool, elegant beige and muted cashew shades with soft grey nuances.

What can you do with it?
Building on the success of Schwarzkopf Professional's first dual application color collection – IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar (developed for darker bases) – the IGORA Muted Desert shades are available in both IGORA’s permanent (IGORA ROYAL) and demi-permanent (IGORA VIBRANCE) coloration lines; answering the need for in-salon services offering muted, bare, cool and calming tones for lighter hair.


Essential Brands: IGORA Muted Desert
    Is ideal for clients wanting high-performance color with a long-lasting permanent finish

    Is perfect for color-shy individuals looking for low-commitment looks, or a color refresh

What is the big deal?
Suitable for bases 7-9, the IGORA Muted Desert shades perfectly complement the natural features of cool toned and neutral clients. Two in-salon services that showcase the versatility of the IGORA Muted Desert color palette have also been developed:

  • Muted Shadows
    An exciting blend of powdery and cool beiges create a beautifully soft and muted gradient for a sophisticated and elegant look!
  • Muted Light
    An enticing touch of soft powdery greys, combined with a beautifully illuminated frame, create a cool and elegant color result!

    Give me the facts!
  • Four cool, elegant beige and muted cashew shades
  • The most neutral and cool beige color result 
  • True-to-tuft color, suitable for bases 7-9
  • Use the dual application method with the same shades
  • IGORA Muted Desert salon services use the innovative #Muting application technique (as seen in Essential Looks!)

Where can I learn about it?
Push your color skills to the next level and learn the perfect techniques for your clients – including duel application – in a Color Principles Hero Seminar! Explore your local offering to find out more.

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