CONSULTATION – Create a Customized Service Offering for Styling

Create a Customized Service Offering for Styling

Implementing the 4L approach in your salon means that consultation, diagnosis and styling solutions work together to create an entirely customized service offer.


1. Listen/Consultation

The essential question to start an emotional and open conversation is, “how do you feel about your look?” Allow your customer to elaborate during 90% of the consultation period, whilst you, the hairdresser use the remaining 10% to lead the conversation with well-defined open questions.


2. Look/Diagnosis

Creating the perfect cut and style for your client is always an individual topic. In order to complement your client’s overall look, a full diagnosis should be offered during every salon visit. For the perfect product choice and cutting technique, analyze hair properties like texture and porosity level. Remember to look at your client’s head and face shape to ensure the style is suitable, whilst also discussing their lifestyle, character and fashion preferences to achieve a suitable final look.


3. Live/Styling Service

Remember that taking a look-based approach to cut and style services will help expand the in-salon experience for both the client and the hairdresser. Express styling services can also help you to increase your offer further. Products with innovative styling consistencies and advanced textures will help dramatize the styling process and allow infinite creative possibilities.


4. Learn/Home Styling

Advise your customer on how to recreate the finished style at home and show the versatility of how one cut can be transformed into various different looks. Underline the essential product choices as well as the styling tools required for each look discussed.


Now you’ve got the process it’s time to explore your creativity and discover authentic, wearable styles with OSiS+ – made to create.

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