Essential Brands: tbh – true beautiful honest

There is a new desire for realism and honesty in beauty; celebrating imperfections and uniqueness. Today's young women are rejecting perfection and embracing their true selves. This new generation expects a deeper level of authenticity and truth where individuality and honesty are increasingly being recognized as the most powerful tool in anyone’s beauty kit.

As a defining moment in beauty care, Schwarzkopf Professional meets the need for diverse representation with their 1st permanent hair color brand that creates authentic looking colors: tbh – true beautiful honest.

What is it?

Responding to the new beauty movement Schwarzkopf Professional have development a brand new permanent color range, tbh – true beautiful honest, to provide a truly unique, beautifully authentic and genuinely honest solution to hair coloring.


tbh – true beautiful honest

What can you do with it?

The tbh – true beautiful honest permanent color assortment contains 26 shades across three distinct color worlds to ignite hairdresser’s creativity with beautifully authentic results:

  • Natural: neutral hues with a soft touch of chocolate (6 shades)
  • Cool: modern smoky tones that help counteract underlying warmth (13 shades)
  • Warm: luxury primary reflections, muted by rose undertones (7 shades)

Also included in the assortment is the tbh – true beautiful honest Tone Softener, a technical tool supporting the color-refreshing, gloss services. It can be mixed with any tbh – true beautiful honest shade to revitalize dull mid-lengths and ends.


tbh – true beautiful honest

What is the big deal?

tbh – true beautiful honest is color evolved thanks to three core beliefs:

  1. truly unique
    tbh – true beautiful honest shades respect and illuminate the hair's natural highs and lows providing natural-looking results with up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage (compared to the glossy shine of traditional permanent coloration).
  2. beautifully authentic
    Shimmering powdery tones with subtle iridescent undertones address every salon client’s wishes, thanks to uniquely crafted, mixes of color dyes.
  3. genuinely honest
    tbh – true beautiful honest believes in being upfront and honest about what goes into the products; clear, straightforward ingredients take the confusion out of color.

tbh – true beautiful honest provides natural shine with a healthy glow compared to the glossy shine of traditional permanent coloration.

Give me the facts!

  • A new brand dedicated to authentic permanent color
  • Formulas have been crafted with up to 92% naturally derived ingredients
  • 26 shades across three distinct color worlds
  • Color that respects and illuminates the hair's natural highs and lows
  • 50% less ammonia vs. standard permanent coloration
  • Expect shimmering powdery tones with subtle iridescent undertones
  • Natural-looking multi-dimensional results
  • 3 brand new authentic in-salon color services


Where can I learn about it?

Discover tbh – true beautiful honest and grow your color skills through a confidence-boosting ‘Innovation Explorer’ seminar:

ASK eAcademy

Explore the new tbh – true beautiful honest colors and technical processes with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy:

  • tbh – true beautiful honest – eLearning

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