Rewriting the Rules on White Hair

Get a New Perspective on Age
The mature target group is more active, energetic and influential than ever.

The mature market is growing: the 60+ age group has expanded from 200 million in 1950 to over 600 million in 2000, and will grow up to two billion in 2050*. Mature clients make up the highest spending and soon-to-be largest consumer group. While the group has grown in size, it has also evolved in needs and desires.

With such high standards, we have to give them what they want. They’re open to change, brand savvy and are healthier than ever and they want to look as good as they feel!

What Do Mature Clients Want?

Perfect quality in service and color results that suit them individually.

Mature clients want the same things that every other client wants, beautiful looking hair! But more specifically, an understanding that to them, age is just a number. So, how can we offer them something special in the salon?

It’s not just about covering white hair. Mature clients want flattering looks that will suit them at the age they are. They want a holistic approach – hair care that works with their skin and health, as well as a personalized service that ensures they get the best look for them. This means high-quality products and services with gorgeous, lasting results – The key is in the consultation.

Remember, when you consult with more mature clients, try to establish their likes and dislikes as well as their wishes and needs for their hair color, as you would do for any other client. Also take their color type into account to ensure the perfect color match. Try not to address them as ‘older’ clients but as clients with particular needs and wishes, as any other client. Avoid talking about older or mature hair. Instead talk about the specific needs they may have such as hydration, smoothing, elasticity, indulgent care or white coverage.

Revolutionary Color and Care
The latest innovation from IGORA is our first professional hair color with Collagen. The new IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES shades have been specifically developed to deliver excellent tonal clarity and hair quality - a revolutionary way to color and treat mature hair. The Pro-Age-Complex with Siliamine and Collagen contains a long-chain care polymer with a Velcro-like underbelly that adheres to the surface of the cuticle. Whilst, the smooth top of the polymer creates a sleek, even surface for a smooth look and feel with maximum tone and shine.

Perfect color that stays beautiful for as long as possible is the result of three important key factors:

  • Your skills as a colorist to choose exactly the right shades for your individual clients
  • Your technical skills in application to achieve coverage perfection
  • Your home-care recommendations to meet your clients exact needs

*World Population Aging 1950–2050, Population Division, DESA, United Nations