Become a BC Hair Therapist

All clients invest in skincare tailored to their specific skin type and changing its needs – so why not in hair care too? Learn how to prescribe the perfect salon solution and home care regime for every individual that walks into your salon and establish a trusted relationship – for life.

The BC way to hair perfection: Listen. Look. Live. Learn

The BC holistic hair care approach is based on 4 pillars: Listen, Look, Live and Learn. These four L’s help hairdressers make care one of the most important pillars in their salon’s business.

In a consultation the hairdresser identifies the client’s wishes and needs. Has the hair been colored recently? Are there any scalp problems? Which products does the client use? These questions should be asked in advance.

Look: In the second step the hairdresser diagnoses hair and scalp needs by touching it, then formulates a clear recommendation for the appropriate hair care in the salon and at home.

Live: Hands on! The client now experiences customized in-salon service: high performing therapies, which can be incorporated in every salon routine.

Learn: In the last step the client should be sensitized to the fact that the right care and styling products are essential in order to maintain the hair’s quality. The hairdresser recommends OTC products specially chosen for the client’s needs for use at home.

For these four steps Schwarzkopf Professional offers salon owners a wide and fully comprehensive range of materials, including diagnostic sheets, a recommendation guide plus the innovative Hair Expert App, to enable them to give their clients professional advice and perfectly leverage in-salon services and sales.

Hair Care Education
Education and training takes top priority at Schwarzkopf Professional. A comprehensive array of education and training measures has been developed specially for BC Hairtherapy. In seminars hairdressers can learn how to integrate the new care culture in their day-to-day salon business.