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TrendLab: Experience even #MOREVIBRANCE with Jan Hlavacek

If there is one place where we are always ready to celebrate the latest trends and creative use of colors, it's the Schwarzkopf Professional TrendLab!

The Trend Lab is the place where trends come to life, as we draw inspiration from the real world; the city streets, nature, our hairdresser community, emerging social media trends and viral movements. With the help of professional hair stylists, the TrendLab turns trending information into achievable reality; accessible across our digital platforms.



Our focus continues to be on IGORA VIBRANCE, as we celebrate the positive feedback we've received from hairdressers around the world. We've partnered with Jan Hlavacek – an award-winning hair stylist and salon owner from Prague, Czech Republic – to show you just how capable the vibrant, demi-permanent IGORA VIBRANCE shades are!


TrendLab: Experience even #MOREVIBRANCE with Jan Hlavacek

"The TrendLab is exactly what you would think it would be – a place to create and experiment
with new trends and launch them into the world for other professionals to recreate in their salons.
You can’t evolve by always doing the same thing, and that is where the TrendLab comes in;
turning inspiration into salon reality."


– Jan Hlavacek

Together with Jan Hlavacek, we went for even #MOREVIBRANCE with a look that showcases beautifully rich copper orange tones, with a shine of scarlet red. The inspiration behind the color was to move away from grey winter months and pop into spring/summer with an eye-catching vibrant tonal vibe!



TrendLab: Experience even #MOREVIBRANCE with Jan Hlavacek

IGORA VIBRANCE colors used:

  • Base color 6-78 + 1.9%
  • Lengths and ends 7-77 + 1.9%
  • Highlight one 7-77 + 0-88 + 1.9%
  • Highlight two 7-77 + 0-77 + 1.9%

Note: highlight colors one and two are alternated on the lengths and ends around the face.



Watch our TrendLab IGORA VIBRANCE video and discover how to re-create this shimmering, strong color result:


TrendLab: Experience even #MOREVIBRANCE with Jan Hlavacek
TrendLab: Experience even #MOREVIBRANCE with Jan Hlavacek

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