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#Hairartist: Meet Creative Hairdressing Collective X-presion

X-presion is a creative studio like no other, born out of industry boredom and 100% dedicated to creativity, X-presion pushes the boundaries of hairdressing with limitless imagination!

Founded in 2005 by hair artists Jorge Cáncer, José Luis Almendral and Marco Antonio Restrepo, X-presion (@xpresioncreativos) is a Madrid-based innovation company, exclusively dedicated to R&D (research and development) and the creation of new hairdressing techniques.

"We started X-presion because, to be honest, we were bored with what we did before. We needed to express ourselves and to make our own way, so we decided to make the first company dedicated exclusively to innovation."

– Colour Visionary and founding member of X-presion, Jorge Cáncer


#Hairartist: Meet Creative Hairdressing Collective X-presion

X-presion started out in a small studio that shared a space with lots of different artists; this hub of creativity became a movement of authenticity – a community trying to 'do' hairdressing in a different way, a more artistic way. The founding members found that colour became almost a therapy, a way to express thoughts, feeling and emotions, and in turn X-presion – as a concept – quickly became the fourth element in their creative process...

"We try to create visual illusions; many people mainly know us because of the Pixel Hair technique, but behind X-presion there is more than 20 techniques and it's not just about color, it's also about styling. Behind every creation that we make there is something really honest... We never say that we are creating a trend, because we don't create for the people, we create for ourselves; we try to have fun with everything we make... Other hairdressers then take what we have planted, as a seed, they take it and grow it into something different – that's when what we do makes sense... We always say, express, create and share..."

– X-presion, Creative Team

Sharing a passion for innovation, Schwarzkopf Professional welcome X-presion's experimentalist approach to hairdressing, collaborating on seasonal Essential Looks trends, empowering techniques and ground-breaking color visions with IGORA ROYAL.



Debuting within the 2:2019 Essential Looks collection – Creating Tomorrow’s Color Today – X-presion collaborated with the team to create #raincolor: an exciting color technique that delivers a shimmering illusion of volume or texture within the hair. By taking the purest IGORA ROYAL color, shimmering contrasts of rich golds and browns catch the light to create a movement that falls like rain.

Having evolved the #raincolor concept over a number of years, the creative team partnered collaborated with Schwarzkopf Professional and flagship color brand IGORA ROYAL, to bring this innovation to the global hairdressing community in one genius, easy-to-use color stencil.


#Hairartist: Meet Creative Hairdressing Collective X-presion

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