This season The Essential Looks Spirit Collection brings fresh creativity dedicated to the profession of hairdressing. Gone are the days when Fashion Week trends were dictated by the few – today’s stories are more fluid than ever before and speak to every one of us; kick-starting the cultural conversations we all need to have...



“For 2020 we’ve seen a more diverse runway than ever before, putting the individual at the heart of the zeitgeist all over the world. So, we’re marking the start of this new decade by celebrating the uniquely creative spirit that is the essence of every one of us..."


– Simon Ellis | International Creative Director

Trend 1 – Punk Spirit
This is all about self-expression; a new glamour for freethinkers...


Trend 1 – Punk Spirit
  • Punk Spirit Catwalk Look: Lara (@laracooc)
    Color Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo (@edoardopaludo) crafts an impactful glam-goth color result using a creative palette of tones from IGORA. Schwarzkopf Professional Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston (@tylerjohnstonhair) cuts a punky off the shoulder look and finishes with OSiS+ Soft Dust root-lifting powder

  • Punk Spirit Salon Look: Maja (@wrobelmajaa_)
    Global Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison) creates color with a beautifully rebellious side using Chroma ID. Ambassador Joana Neves (@joananeves) keeps extreme length in the hair before forming braids that utilize 3-4 strands to create a modern 3D effect

Punk Spirit Key Color Technique: #Camouflaging

Trend 2 – Refined Traditions
This trend marries technical expertise and classic silhouettes to subvert and evolve...


Trend 2 – Refined Traditions
  • Refined Traditions Catwalk Look: Martyna (@martynabudna)
    Edoardo Paludo balances ashy blond with light tonal variations using shades from the IGORA Muted Desert palette. Tyler Johnston cuts the hair into a fringed pageboy style that's held in place with OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net
  • Refined Traditions Salon Look: Tilila
    Lesley Jennison uses a blend of deep brunette and mauve Chroma ID tones to create rich, hidden depths. Tyler Johnston keeps the hair long for a bohemian vibe and styles with OSiS+ Texture Blow for a feather-light finish

Refined Traditions Key Color Technique: #Muting

Trend 3 – Let it Bloom

A touch of modern romance; all beautiful florals and soft vintage-y nostalgia...


Trend 3 – Let it Bloom
  • Let It Bloom Catwalk Look: Masha (@masha.zaytseva)
    Lesley Jennison brings this look to life with vintage-inspired gold and dusted rose tones from IGORA ROYAL. Tyler Johnston goes for a modern mushroom cut that's bolstered with strength thanks to a transformative Fibre Clinix Tribond Service
  • Let It Bloom Salon Look: Lauren
    Glossy brunette tones are kissed with hand-painted blond accents as Global BLONDME Ambassador Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor) weaves his signature balayage techniques through long hair. Joana Neves keeps the length before styling free-flowing waves that are finished with Oil Ultime Mediterranean Finishing Oil for radiantly smooth, glowing hair

Refined Traditions Key Color Technique: #Shimmering

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