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Hair How-To: Let It Bloom Runway Edutorial – Masha

Schwarzkopf Professional’s bi-annual Essential Looks Collection brings together some of the industry’s best hair artists from around the world! The talented team collaborate to showcase the latest hair and fashion trends, as well as the techniques and education to create them!


For the Runway Look from Trend 3 – Let It Bloom – Global Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison), shows us how to craft an almost magical color result, with glimmers of light running through the hair. For this effect Lesley uses the #Shimmering application technique and soft tonal variations achieved with the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Pastelfier.


Let It Bloom Key Color Technique: #Shimmering

This technique sees magical glossiness and rich depths of color hand-applied onto the hair to create shimmer and shine. First, hair is speckled with little touches of light color and rich tones of gold; the finishing trick glosses and glazes for a subtly dappled, super-luxe shimmer.


Watch the step-by-step video below or follow the pictorial steps to recreate this gorgeous look from Let It Bloom:


Before & After


Before & After


Color 1 – IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Pastelfier + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 12% / 40 Vol. (1:1)


Color 2 – Fringe Section (roots): IGORA ROYAL 8-849 + IGORA ROYAL 8-1 (4:1) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6% / 20 Vol. (1:1:2)


Color 3 – Lengths: IGORA ROYAL 8-849 + IGORA ROYAL 8-1 (4:1) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% / 30 Vol. (1:1:2)


Color 4 – After rinsing the fringe: alternate IGORA ROYAL 8-849 + IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Pastelfier + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% / 10 Vol. (2:1:1) and IGORA ROYAL 9.5-1 + IGORA ROYAL 9-7 (2:1) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% / 30 Vol.


"To create this illusion of hair that literally shimmers with golden tones I treated a small section with blond pre-lightener using a back-to-back technique, then colored the remaining hair with muted rose tones... After shampooing I went back to the pre-lightened area and I formulated two accent colors; a dusted rose and a vintage gold and applied them using a freestyle technique to create a rich, optical shimmer effect."

– Lesley Jennison


Hair How-To: Let It Bloom Runway Edutorial – Masha


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