How to Apply Hair Care Products

However good a hair product, if it is applied or distributed incorrectly the results will be poor.

Shampoos are generally applied, then massaged into the hair. This distributes the product evenly while stimulating the scalp and cleansing the surface of the hair. An important aspect of the massage is to relax the client, creating a sense of wellbeing and trust within a competent environment.

Application of a conditioner or treatment will vary. Surface-acting conditioners require an even distribution from the base of the hair strand up to the tip. Combined hair types, which are typically oily at the base and dry at the tips, may require a localised oil treatment to moisturise the ends of the hair.

Follow Our General Guidelines to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Care Products:

Wet hair loses up to 20% of its natural elasticity; for this reason wet hair is vulnerable to over-vigorous shampooing and drying.

  • Wash your hair as often as you need to, once a day if required
  • Use a shower attachment to wet and rinse hair. Do not wash hair in bath water, as soaps and detergents designed for the body may not be suitable for use on the hair
  • Use a recommended shampoo, consistent with your hair type
  • Apply shampoo by spreading a small amount over the palm of both hands and applying evenly over the hair
  • Gently massage into the hair and scalp using a circular motion to avoid the hair tangling. Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water

Daily Shampoo regime: only apply product once.
Weekly Shampoo regime: apply product, rinse and then repeat to optimize the cleansing effect.

Using a general conditioner to helps smooth the hair cuticles and counteracts any excessive negative charge on the hair; keeping hair looking good!

  • After shampooing, squeeze excess moisture from the hair
  • Apply the recommended conditioner to the hair, not the scalp, smoothing the product from the hairline to the nape of the neck
  • Leave for up to 60 seconds to enable the product to act. Most conditioners are designed to work within 30-60 seconds (remember to read the instructions or ask advice on your specific product)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Blot excess moisture from the hair, do not rub hair dry
  • Proceed to style the hair

Scalp Treatment

  • Part the hair lengthways using a fine comb
  • Work from the centre out, roughly 1 inch at a time
  • Apply the product directly onto the scalp
  • Massage gently into the scalp, using circular movements
  • Leave for the recommended time, applying heat if required
  • Rinse thoroughly or leave in (always read product instructions)

Hair Treatment

  • Pre-shampoo the hair with the recommended product
  • Distribute the treatment evenly throughout the hair

Long hair: Apply to middle length and ends of the hair; avoid the scalp
Short Hair: Apply the recommended treatment where needed

  • Leave for the recommended time, applying heat if required
  • Rinse thoroughly or leave in (always read product instructions)