Selecting Which Color Product Best Suits the Job

Choosing the correct hair coloring product to match client needs and hair type is the first important stage of the coloring process.

The modern hairdressing salon today should have all the necessary tools and knowledge required in order to create, with the occasional exception, any color a client wishes. The following guidelines are true for the majority of products on the market:

Type of Product

Type 1 - Temporary rinses, color firmers, foams, paints or crayons
Non-oxidative, natural pigment remains, no added ammonia or alkali. These products serve to accentuate existing natural color or boost fading artificial colors. Target color is dependent on natural base.

Type 2 - Semi-permanent gels, creams or powders, vegetable or food-based hair colors
Non-oxidative, target color is dependent on natural base.

Type 3 - Demi-permanent products
Low oxidation, some lightening may occur. Composition will include color-building chemicals, added alkali and hydrogen peroxide. Target color is dependent on natural base. Process is chemical.

Type 4 - Permanent oxidative tints
Color-building chemicals, full hair coverage is possible, target color is less dependent on natural base shade. Composition includes added ammonia, alkali and hydrogen peroxide. Process is chemical.

Type 5 - Lighteners
Composition includes added persulphates, alkali and hydrogen peroxide. Lighteners provide maximum lift of color level. Lift can be achieved on natural as well as color treated hair; the process is chemical.