Winter Hair: Understanding Treatments

As the temperature drops our hair is more likely to become dry and unruly. What better time to learn about the luxury that is a hair treatment…

A hair treatment consists of a range of products designed to treat a specific hair or scalp problem. In order to prescribe a treatment correctly it is important to have a grasp of the clients’ problems and symptoms.

Application techniques for shampoos and conditioners on the whole do not vary a great deal; however the application of treatments may vary considerably depending on the problem and the medium of the application, which may be a cream, an oil, a mousse or a spray. Serious hair and scalp problems should be referred to a General Practitioner, Dermatologist or Trichologist.

These are often needed to work on a specific problem area and the product therefore needs to be applied appropriately. A dispenser for a particular scalp treatment might have a nozzle to direct the product between the hair roots, on to the scalp.

For example to alleviate a dry, red and irritated scalp a product such as BC Bonacure Scalp Therapy Serum would be recommended. This concentrated serum helps to soothe and calm the scalp with Allantoin whilst strengthening and protecting the hair and scalp with two key ingredients, Chitosan and Vitamin E.

The appropriate application for this type of product would be to distribute it evenly across the entire scalp following these steps:

  • Distribute the liquid serum with your fingertips. Start at the hairline and move down to the nape of the neck
  • Take a horizontal parting about 5cm below the middle parting and continue to distribute the serum
  • Continue with a horizontal parting, about 10cm below the middle parting and carry on distributing the serum until the whole head is covered

A perfect compliment to this intense treatment is a relaxing massage to help further relax your client and ensure the product is fully penetrated into the problem areas.

Did You Know?

The ingredients of a product such as a serum need to be suspended in a relatively viscous fluid to keep the product on the scalp and not distributed through the hair! Other treatment types are likely to be in the form of hair milks (very light fluid), hot and cold oils, creams or emulsions.

Most classic conditioners are emulsions. There are two main types of emulsion: an oil in water (O/W) emulsion where oil droplets are dispersed in water and a water in oil (W/O) emulsion with water droplets dispersed in oil.


You’ve got the basics, now discover how to prescribe the perfect salon solution and hair care regime and become a BC Hair Therapist!