Salon Services: Ginger Explorer with Chroma ID

Continuing to showcase the unlimited color customization Chroma ID offers, this post dives into the Ginger Explorer look, detailing a beautiful warm copper color makeover with a combination of yellow and gold undertones.


Chroma ID’s range of completely customizable, expressive and low-commitment hair color provides maximum customization that lasts up to 15 washes.


Before & After


Before & After


Colors used:

  • Chroma ID Yellow + Pink + 9.5-4 (80:15:80)

For more details, follow the steps below:


Step 1
  • Step 1 – apply color to the roots


Step 2
  • Step 2 – continuing with root application, work your way through the entire head


Step 3
  • Step 3 – then move onto applying color to the mid-lengths and ends


Step 4
  • Step 4 – make sure to work in the color evenly, using your hands


Step 5
  • Step 5 – leave to develop for up to 10 minutes. Rinse out until water runs clear, then blow dry and style as desired

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