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Salon Services: Soft Grading with IGORA COLOR10

Convenient, fast and reliable; trusted speedy colour brand, IGORA COLOR10, uses breakthrough Amino Acid Carrier Technology, which acts as an express-carrier for color pigments – this means color is able to penetrate the hair shaft faster, developing in just 10 minutes!

With an assortment expanding to 35 shades, including natural-looking cool brunette shades, the Schwarzkopf Professional color team have developed two new in-salon services. Here we look at Color Grading with IGORA COLOR10.


Salon Services: Soft Grading with IGORA COLOR10


This look is achieved through soft color grading using a free-hand technique. Varying the application at the regrowth area creates a very natural-looking and visually balanced finish thanks to two blended color mixes.



Colors used:

  • COLOR 1: 5-1 + 7-1 (1:1) + 3%/10 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 1:1
  • COLOR 2: 8-11 + 9%/30 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 1:1

Explore the steps to recreate this multidimensional, brunette color result with soft chestnut tones:


Step 1
  • Step 1
    Create a horseshoe section on top of the head, centered at the forehead


Step 2
  • Step 2
    Apply COLOR 1 to the scalp area, below the horseshoe section


Step 3
  • Step 3
    Apply COLOR 2 to mid-lengths, below the horseshoe section


Step 4
  • Step 4
    Apply COLOR 1 to the scalp area within the horseshoe section. Vary the lengths of the regrowth area to ensure a natural, visually-balanced result


Step 5
  • Step 5
    Apply COLOR 2 to mid-lengths within the horseshoe section, making sure that COLORS 1 and 2 are well-blended into each other


Step 6
  • Step 6
    To perfectly frame the face, blend COLOR 1 into mid-lengths on the lowest layer of the fringe


Step 7
  • Step 7
    Process for 10 minutes. Then emulsify and rinse out thoroughly until water runs clear. Shampoo with BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze Shampoo and apply BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze Conditioner or Treatment depending on the hair needs.

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