Salon Services: IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES with Lesley Jennison

Did you know that one out of two clients wanting a color service has mature or maturing hair? Mature clients are not only the highest revenue source for salons, but they also represent an untapped golden opportunity when it comes to color services.


With IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES you can offer your clients 100% white hair coverage for both dark and light tones; delivering superior shine, long-lasting results and tailored care for the unique texture of mature hair.


"To me personally, covering my grey has not so much to do with hiding my age, but rather with supporting who I feel I am as a person. My natural brunette tone makes me feel most myself – it is who I have always been and grew up to be."


– Schwarzkopf Professional Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison)


Watch Lesley Jennison’s video statement on why she colors her mature hair with IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES...



Colors used (all IGORA):

  • Color 1 – IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES 6-60 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% / 30 Vol. (1:1)
  • Color 2 – IGORA VIBRANCE 8-46 + IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% / 6 Vol. (1:1)
  • Color 3 – IGORA VIBRANCE 6-46 + IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% / 6 Vol. (1:1)

One of Lesley’s favourite shades is the IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES 6-60. This was applied onto her roots with a classic root application. Then, a demi-permanent toner was used to refresh and add shine to her lengths.


Salon Services: IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES with Lesley Jennison

Follow the steps below for more application details:


Step 1
  • Step 1 – Apply COLOR 1 to the roots. After 15-20 minutes continue with step 2


Step 2
  • Step 2 – Refresh the lengths and ends by visually alternating COLORS 2 and 3, using foils to avoid color transfer. Apply COLOR 2 for lighter, and COLOR 3 for darker lengths and ends. Leave to develop for another 15-20 minutes. The total development time for COLOR 1 is 30-45 minutes
  • Step 3 – Rinse, shampoo and condition then style as normal

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