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Schwarzkopf Professional® brings you the latest in news and events in the world of hairdressing. Whether we're showing off the hottest trends in our latest ESSENTIAL LOOKS® collection, bringing you one of our fantastic product launches or announcing an exciting new salon partner, we believe you will find everything you need here - Don't forget to regularly check back for all the latest goings on! 

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Discover our new care brand Fibre Clinix, a salon exclusive, fully customizable hair care regimen, for a holistic experience, from salon to home care.

Through the development of our most advanced and powerful repair technology, Fibre Clinix has set a new milestone by transforming the hair fibre back to its optimal virgin properties*. Start the holistic experience in salon with a highly customized Tribond Service to match, mix and boost, instantly transforming the hair fiber. Effortless maintenance continues at home with a hair care routine prescribed to the client’s individual hair needs.

For full hair customization, select from a range of Fibre Clinix Boosters which are designed to be matched and mixed with the relevant Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment, targeting inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs.

Discover the full Fibre Clinix regimen today!

*biophysical combing tests of the regime of medium bleached hair vs. virgin hair


Colors to feel #AbsolutelyYou.

"To me personally, covering my grey has not so much to do with hiding my age, but rather supporting who I feel I am as a person. My natural brunette tone makes me feel most myself – it's who I have always been."

Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional's Global Colour Ambassador

The 6 new IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES shades are ideal for lighter hair bases – between levels 7 and 9 – providing beautiful, on trend shades in cool beige, chocolate and copper, while promising 100% coverage.

Discover the many benefits from the first dedicated color brand with Pro-Age Technology: 100% coverage, superior shine and long-lasting results from the extra caring and low-odor formula.

As seen in the ESSENTIAL LOOKS: VivID Collection Dark Romance trend!

IGORA® Royal Absolutes
tbh – true beautiful honest


"When everything is in flux we turn to the passion, imagination and creativity in all of us. As hairdressers we wake up in the morning to help people invent, reinvent and continually express themselves; whoever they are and however they want to live. Today, we’re celebrating love, life, passion and identity. Welcome to the VivID Collection." 


This season, we showcase three brand new trends, each featuring a Catwalk and Salon look variation, ready and waiting for YOU to transform into hairstyles your clients will love.


Schwarzkopf Professional® introduces IGORA® Muted Desert, capturing the bare sandy surroundings of the desert with the latest in cool, beige tones!


Following on from the launch of IGORA® Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar – Schwarzkopf Professional's first dual system application color shades – IGORA® Muted Desert delivers 4 brand new shades in the IGORA ROYAL® and IGORA VIBRANCE® portfolios, meeting the demand for elegant and chalky tones in both permanent and demi-permant product ranges.


Complimented by the latest in innovative application techniques, discover how to add natural light and shade for the ultimate stripped-back look with our two new Muted Desert salon services, Muted Light and Muted Shadows!

IGORA® Muted Desert
tbh – true beautiful honest

tbh – true beautiful honest: WELCOME TO THE NATURAL BEIGE COLLECTION

Introducing the latest shades to join the tbh – true beautiful honest Natural color world, the Natural Beige Collection provides the next level in authentic coloration.


Inspired by the shimmering powdery tones of soft sand illuminated by morning sunshine, the tbh – true beautiful honest Natural Beige Collection has been developed with muted beige undertones for looks that work across any season and address every salon client's individual wishes.

  • Up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage
  • Natural looking shine
  • PPD & PTD free

Celebrate natural beauty and discover more about Schwarzkopf Professional's first authentic color brand, tbh – true beautiful honest.


Discover the exciting new color brand from Schwarzkopf Professional, Chroma ID. Responding to the demand for complete customization, self-expression and low-commitment hair color, Chroma ID is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first 100% customizable, semi-permanent mix and tone color system with integrated Bonding Technology and caring formulas.


With a one-size-fits-all approach no longer relevant for today's salon clients, Chroma ID offers an infintate array of color options; allowing hairdressers to express their clients' unique identities. From natural blonde tones to striking, bold pink, the mix and tone color system includes 6 Bonding Color Masks (Intense), 14 Bonding Color Masks, 6 Bonding Color Masks (Home Care) and a Clear Bonding Color Mask.


The vast portfolio of shades is synonymous with the best performing shades from IGORA ROYAL® and IGORA® VIBRANCE, making it easy to select matching Chroma ID shades for dual, freehand and full head color services.


By combining integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology with deeply caring formulas, Chroma ID enables hairdressers to achieve 100% color flexibility whilst maintaining, and even improving their clients' overall hair condition.


Dare to color and express every shade of your clients’ personality!


Explore the unlimited shade possibilities from Chroma ID.

Chroma ID


Explore the latest ESSENTIAL LOOKS® collection from the creative visionaries at Schwarzkopf Professional®.


This season, we welcome in the new decade with a showcase of seven brand new looks across three inspirational trends:


Punk Spirit is all about self-expression and individuality. Think expressive and spirited but with a hint of softness!


Refined Traditions sees timeless fabrications and classic shapes overthrown as technical expertise reinvents tradition – flair meets precision.


Let It Bloom is all about beautiful florals and vintage nostalgia. Be free-to-dream in 70s shades as we embrace a mood of cool romance.


“For 2020 we’ve seen a more diverse runway than ever before, putting the individual at the heart of the zeitgeist all over the world. So, we’re marking the start of this new decade by celebrating the uniquely creative spirit that is the essence of every one of us." Simon Ellis, Schwarzkopf Professional's International Creative Director


Delve deeper into the Spirit Collection and explore the world of ESSENTIAL LOOKS®!


Discover Schwarzkopf Professional®'s 1st blonde recovery regimen to leverage the power of Vitamin C.


Pollution, dust, and hard water often give especially chemically-processed blonde hair a brassy or slightly green tone reflection. BLONDME®'s Detoxifying System has been formulated to not only counteract dull, brassy or green tones, but to also protect the hair from environmental aggressors.


The 3 part system includes: the Purifying Bonding Shampoo to remove impurities and mineral build-up; the Shot to recover brightness and shine with Vitamin C when mixed with BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Mask; and the Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray, a lightweight protective mist to nourish and shield the hair from environmental aggressors.


The range features integrated bonding technology that helps to create new bonds within the hair fiber. With Vitamin C, Amino Acid complex, Allantoin, and Malic Acid, known for their detoxifying properties.


Revive and protect healthy looking, bright blonde results using the BLONDME® Detoxifying System.

BLONDME® Detoxifying System
Shaping Futures


Schwarzkopf Professional showcases their global initiative in a brand-new documentary series.


Through long-running partnerships with NGOs* and a network of hairdressers, Schwarzkopf Professional transforms the lives of socially disadvantaged young adults through their Shaping Futures hairdresser training program.


To celebrate the incredible dedication of everybody involved in this social initiative – and to highlight the difference it brings to hundreds of lives around the world – Schwarzkopf Professional is proud to release the documentary: “Inside Shaping Futures”. The documentary takes you on a journey into the emotional world of Shaping Futures. Inside views are depicted by NGOs, hairdresser trainers, Schwarzkopf Professional partners and the Shaping Futures students themselves.


"It's quite a unique experience for all of us that are involved...the passion that the students have to learn and to advance in their life is as equally touching for us, as the experience of the training is for them.” – Coralie Loth, Shaping Futures Manager at Schwarzkopf Professional


Experience the power of education and check out the four-part documentary series now.


*Non-governmental Organization


Discover Schwarzkopf Professional®'s 1st Premium Clay Lightener with Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology for optimal precision and beautiful, natural-looking blonde results.


Create modern free-hand blonde looks easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before!


BLONDME®'s Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener is our 1st clay-based lightener with integrated Bond Enforcing Technology that spreads easily and provides complete accuracy with a unique soft-to-solid formula.


Instead of using classic foil highlights, the premium soft-to-solid formula creates an outer-shell that allows the lightener to remain moist inside, while releasing maximum lightening power within the hair. The integrated Bond Enforcing Technology enforces strong structural bonds during the lightening process, while lifting up to an impressive 7 levels.


Watch our Caramel Kiss tutorial with BLONDME Ambassador Jack Howard to learn how to achieve seamless, on-trend balayage Looks using the BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener.


Don't forget to share your beautiful balayage results using the hashtag #BLONDME.


Be inspired by the world of BLONDME®....



BLONDME® Premium Clay Lightener




BC BONACURE® delivers beautiful hair to every client in-salon and at home, thanks to the integration of trending skincare-inspired technologies and breakthrough Micellar Technology.


BC BONACURE® provides a customized approach to every hair type:

Three influential lifestyle bloggers...

  • Caroline Silta (@carolinesilta)
  • Alezandra Pereira (@lovelypepa)
  • Jüli Mery (@juelimery)

...share their real-life problems and solve their hair dilemmas using the new BC BONACURE® range. Check out their stories at


Explore the entire BC BONACURE® range today!


Throughout 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional® will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary with a BRAND NEW campaign – REinventing Hair. Expect to see a year of inspiration as we continue to push creative boundaries and honor 120 years of pioneering hairdressing!


With innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional® has continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years; making true milestones in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe!


Schwarzkopf Professional® co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional®…


…INNOVATE so that hairdressers can deliver a standout service
…INSPIRE hairdressers with the latest looks and the tools to create them
…EDUCATE through progressive hairdresser training
…CONNECT with leading influencers in the hairdressing industry
…SUPPORT the hairdresser every step of the way


2018 will be a year of hair REinvention with many exciting new brands and product launches, so don’t forget to follow us @schwarzkopfusa on social media, using the hashtag #120Facts!

Schwarzkopf Professional® 120

Together #apassionforhair

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