Answering the need for fast, convenient color in only 10 minutes


IGORA COLOR10 is ideal for re-growth and touch-up services, as well as global applications on short to medium length hair, achieving the same result as a standard permanent coloration – all with just a 10 minute development time.


Using the innovative Amino Acid Carrier Technology, IGORA COLOR10 delivers beautiful color results, perfect coverage and outstanding care.


Introducing 6 news shades to the assortment – A selection of natural and cool tones with sophisticated and minimalistic aesthetics and up to 100% white hair coverage for on-trend yet commercial color results.




Product Benefits:

  • Processing time complete in only 10 minutes
  • Perfect white hair coverage
  • Long-lasting color retention & vibrancy
  • Perfect & even color results
  • Stunning & long-lasting shine

Service Opportunities:

  • Walk-in clients
  • Re-touch clients
  • Last minute color deciders
  • Clients who appreciate fast color services: Time restricted clients, young clients, male clients
  • SKP_ICT_IGORA_Color10_Looks_COLOUR_GRADING_460x600_US-EN

    Create soft gradient color using a free-hand technique. Vary the application of the re-growth amount to create a very natural look.

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