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tbh – true beautiful honest

Inspired by a deep longing for self-expression and authenticity, tbh – true beautiful honest provides a truly unique, beautifully authentic and genuinely honest solution to hair coloring.

It’s truly unique
It’s beautifully authentic
It’s genuinely honest

Truly unique multi-dimensional nuances playing with the hair's naturals highs and lows.


Beautifully authentic shimmering powdery nuances with subtle iridescent undertones that enhance and beautify rather than reduce or conceal.


We are honest about what is in our products. Our formulas have been crafted with natural ingredients where we can and the remaining have been carefully selected for performance, allowing us to deliver you our very best.


It’s tbh – true beautiful honest

tbh – true beautiful honest





Our beautifully authentic shades offer subtle and powdery tones in three shade directions (natural, cool and warm) to address your clients’ individuality, thanks to the uniquely crafted mix of hair color dyes.


These shades respect and illuminate the hair’s natural highs and lows, providing natural-looking results with up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage.

Shade Ingredients

Tone Softener

Tone Softener


Enriched with care properties, the Tone Softener can be mixed with any tbh – true beautiful honest shade to revitalize dull mid-lengths and ends. The key ingredients of Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Shea Butter provide highly caring properties which create a natural looking end result.

Tone Softener Ingredients

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