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Royal Glory Collection

ESSENTIAL LOOKS® Collection/IGORA® 1:2021


As we settle into what has become 'the new normal' with a renewed focus on innovation, inspiration and creativity, Schwarzkopf Professional's ESSENTIAL LOOKS® team have been busy defining the trends that kick off 2021 as the year of color… Welcome to The Royal Glory Collection.


Inspired by fashion weeks across the globe and then distilled into relevant salon looks, the Essential Looks Royal Glory Collection from Schwarzkopf Professional® celebrates the transformative power of color, by featuring the IGORA ROYAL® color worlds within each trend: Magical Whimsy, Back to Classics and Artful Feeling.

Magical Whimsy

Trend 1: Magical Whimsy

Magical Whimsy. This trend is all about drama, power and strength along with a twist of perfect imperfection


Whimsy comes in unexpected contrasts, extreme proportions and dramatic silhouettes. There’s a costume-like feel here, but it looks always forward, never back, with a fresh, modern ethos; vintage shapes accentuated by short, sharp, edgy cuts in cool shades of blonde.

"Magical Whimsy is a contemporary twist on that soft-focus Victoriana that always comes to fashion in moments of challenge and change."

Simon Ellis,
International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional

Back to Classics

Trend 2: Back to Classics

Back to Classics. A trend rooted in classicism and a love for simplicity, poise and modernism


There's a whole #newfemininity on the runway, rooted in classicism and a love for simplicity, poise and modernism. Today's take on a trajectory that began with Dior's fabled New Look embraces an understated confidence, effortless-yet-groomed, unapologetically assured, with beautifully cut, shiny, sleek hair in ombré shades of soft, natural and opulent chocolate.

“Back to Classics redefines modern femininity with a nod to the past and an eye on the future, a nostalgia for classicism and elegance redefined for today.”

Simon Ellis,
International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional

Artful Feeling

Trend 3: Artful Feeling

The Artful Feeling is a story all about the individual and self-expression. Think big with this trend.


Wearing creativity on our sleeve, we shift towards handcrafting and inky techniques in fragile florals that speak more to texture and embellishment than straightforward print. It’s a freestyle, dreamily abstract spirit that celebrates the artisan. Artful Feeling chooses one-offs over mass-produced, hand over machine, and is all about the individual and self-expression. For the hair, curls and volume abound in softly shifting shades of red, gold and beige.


“Artful Feeling is tuned into the quirky aesthetic of the artisan,
a one-of-a-kind ethos that hand-making always delivers.”

Simon Ellis,
International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional



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